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Engineering and Project Management Consulting

We provide Engineering and Project Management Solutions covering all the 360 degree aspects of a project setup. Our Project Management Consultants and Team function as Project Managers through which we provide bespoke or wholesome consulting package through which our dedicated team takes care of all aspect of Project Management.

Working on the project needs to have strategic planning including step by step progression. The team starts with the planning part and goes along with directing the right elucidations and make sure the best feasible solutions.

The flow of PMC goes in below stages:
  • Conceptualization Stage: The exhaustive inputs from the client are gathered and the project stipulations are documented here in this stage. Once the definition and requirements are clear, a feasible and final draft of the project requisites are made.
  • Designing Stage: Planning on strategic development of the project is done and the deliverables are reviewed along with client. The objective is discussed clearly and a right alignment with all the aspects related to stakeholders and architects is established. The project workflow is designed and discussed along with all the pros and cons. A finalized design is developed to work upon. All the aspects related to technical necessities are analyzed and finalized.
  • Planning Stage: A final Conceptual Design is developed in this stage which is approved to be ready to implement. Specialized benchmarking analysis is done regarding the specifications, cost and amenities and forwarded for client reviews and approval. A detailed design is developed with added engineering values. All the factors like Risk Management, Budget Constraints, Strategic planning are taken into consideration. The developed design well versed with all round technical aspects now become ready to take off.
  • Execution Stage: In this stage, all the co-ordinations for project commissioning, installations and testing are done. The project is handed over to the client for the final review and it is closed at Financial concerns once it is approved for fine working. Close out training sessions are being held here in this stage. Once the system is fully working, performance evaluation of the services and output is carried out.
Each project is started with diverse motives. Also different industry consist of different requirements and standards that are needed to be met. We have experts on our team who help to study and understand those industry basics and criteria. One more important aspect for any business is budget. Our highly skilled professionals consider the budget for the assignment and prepare the designs accordingly.

We respect the ideas but we also believe in transparency with the consumer so that we tend to discuss the practicability and feasibility at each and every stage of development. Rather than keeping them in disguise and facing issues later, we prefer to be crystal clear on the practical grounds. With years of experiences, we have developed a self-sufficient networking, which help us a lot for having industry updates, rules and regulations.

An overall procurement strategy, detailed designs, achievability, review meets and client consent all the aspects are generated in sync with BOQ (Bill of Quantities) preparations and Cost Scheduling. Our experienced team, is well versed in compiling final drawings and BOQs taking into consideration all aspects of costs and risk management.

Prior to start-up of project site, kick off meetings are planned along with complete construction planning in detail. Finally the close out process is then taken into account in bringing together with the construction plans and regular meetings during assembly with key stake holders like Architects, Consultants, Vendors, Engineers, Client etc.

“Our focus is to enable the stake holders to complete the project/s on time and within budget.”