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Energy and Water Management

We at Frontech Engineering Solutions, provide consultancy in energy management, to various industry verticals such as Solar, Wind, Water, Energy optimization, Energy recoveries from waste by Renewables and Conventional ( Fossil Fuel ) Energy optimization. FES provides customized solutions which are applicable to all facilities. Our energy specialists provide consultancy which involves understanding clients’ assets, energy specifications at the project at operational levels and thus developing strategies and solutions for optimizing the existing energy consumptions and water usage for their facilities or develop new philosophies for energy storage, replacement of technology and so forth.

We have highly experienced engineers who have years of experience in their respective fields. Taking under consideration all the other important aspects like budget, geographical location, type of land, possibilities, we provide the complete solution in order to enhance client’s energy needs through bringing newer, cleaner and renewable technologies. We also deliberate the fact that it must integrate with the present facilities.

We at FES conduct the thorough research of the location and conditions regarding the project requirement. For example, if it is the solar project, then the ideal nature of Sun at that particular geographical point, if it is wind mill project then the nature of wind, direction, velocity, there are plenty of factors have to be calculated which an expert can only cover up. There are few other exceptional scenarios like if there exists a present conventional source of energy then how it can be optimized and if there requires an energy conversion from waste, what technology to be used and how to get optimal output. We carry out all the scheming and come up with a full proof plan which is best suited with all the dynamics.

Our Team of Water Experts, are engaged in chalking out a definitive plan to study various consumption points or pattern in an Existing Operating Facility, Greenfield Project or any Brownfield expansion, we provide customized approach, Plan and Solution to achieve optimization of Water Consumption, as well as enable effective Recycling by the Asset Owners. Whether there is/are requirement of Water conservation, Water Treatment, amalgamation of more than one technology, Desalination, RO, UV, Integrated Water & Power Projects (IWPP), or Home Solutions, our Team are engaged at all levels of applications .