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Manpower Services

We are one of the most distinguished service providers offering Contract staff as per the departments at market leading prices. FES has been the best reliable partner for your manpower requirements regarding technical staff. We have supported many of our clients in managing their staff deployment thereby increasing quality of their productivity and reducing risks of wrong staffing to great extent. We totally understand the evolving needs of experienced and well skilled manpower in field and the major portion of the business is affected by this. A finely trained team could take you to heights and vice versa.

Frontech Engineering Solutions assure you to provide nominal manpower services with required talent while ascending your industry needs. FES assist you as the manpower service provider. We provide manpower and staff on daily wage basis to diverse corporate companies and organizations. Our clients get the benefit of our experience, networking and local manifestation in the following areas:
  • Professional Engineers
  • Mechanical Staff
  • Electrical Staff
  • Civil Staff
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Managers
  • Daily Wages Labors
  • And many more
We are expert in deploying professional engineers with different levels like well trained, semiskilled, intern level, low skilled (for helper). We are experienced various domains like Energy Sector, Construction, Power or Renewable Energy and leading engineering sector.

We at FES keep a pool of experienced and qualified Engineers, Professionals and Technical workforce trained in their respective domains. Our process of getting the right people to you follows like:
  • Map: We gather the specific executive search for the given assignments at all level depending upon the Job requirement. We also let the association to conduct introductory interview. The requirements of the company is studied and analyzed. The database of the available staff is fetched and mapped.
  • Optimize: Based on a systematic understanding of the skill requirement, job specifications, experience, organization principles and other critical aspects required for the particular position. We recruit and deploy Engineers, Managers, Labors, Technicians etc. The right candidates from the fetched list is optimized as per the required skills and the available people , to avoid overstaff as well as understaffing issues faced by many organizations.
  • Supply: We deploy temporary, permanent or project based experts for operation support services to our customer and outsource work. Finally the selected people are setup along with the company looking for ones. A transparent deal is made between all of the parties.
  • We totally focus on efficiency and productivity improvement through skill augmentation, training programs. We at FES also emphasize on cost optimized solution, highly profitable results and elevated productivity.